The Mystery Hunters: The Masked Thief

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The Mystery Hunters: The Masked Thief

Post  Jmike on Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:57 pm

I originally wrote this two years ago. Fifth grade? Whenever HSM2 came out. It influenced my intro.(HSMII did not blow me away)
I posted this on KHQ, April 2009. I lost the book. 124 pages long. But I still remember how this goes anyway. Three chapters are up in KHQ anyway. I'll have a start. It's the only story I put up in KHQ that nobody hated. I guess this is my genre.

BTW, I edited a lot. I edited the first chapter to lessen its resemblance to HSM2. The originals are up...

My other crap(not my genre so this was crap):
A missing fanfic in under the name Jmike, first to find it gets my thanks and a GrandmaDeb cookie)


Chapter 1: The Awaited

The sun shone on the windows of Crimsonlake University. The sixth-grade students could feel the unusual two-degrees higher heat, but they gave no mind to it on this day. It was the last day of school. Ms. Sartesto sat, smiling heavily at the students. They did not reciprocate this, they focused on the wall clock. Three-twenty-nine. A minute more and a riot would break loose.
"Tim...." 12 year-old Jake Toledo whispered over his desk.
"What?" his friend Timothy Jefferson replied, leaning over to his side.
"Remind Amy and Hannah about our plans."
"Already did." Hannah Paz interrupted, she was seated at the back of Jake. She smiled with content.
"Amy?" Jake asked, expecting any of them to answer.
"She knows, Jake." Tim said.
"Guys, the clock!" Hannah interrupted.
"Ten seconds!" Jake shouted, almost standing. But everyone was oblivious to him, but not to the time.
"Eight seconds!" Somebody yelled, like Jake, he was unnoticed. The teacher could not help it. It was like this every year.
"Six!" Someone else yelled.
"Five!" A group from the back cheered in unison.
"Four!" Now everybody was joining in.
Everybody was cased to leave. They wanted the bell. They needed the bell. A few more seconds passed and the bell wasn't ringing. Whispers and monologues grew into an uproar of complaints and questions.
"Settle. Settle, children. The bell isn't in sync with our clock. Now, now, the bell isn't exclusive to us. Wait, wait, and you will eventuall-"
The bell rang. Eyes sprang to activity, faces lit up. High-fives were about, hollering was common and not a person was still on his seat.
"We'll miss you, ma'am!" a majority bade her.
"Darlings, darlings, be free! Play hard!" she remarked dreamily. She hugged her students and shooed them out, followed by more exchanges of farewells.
The corridor was congested. The horde had been let. The adolescents made their way to the parking lots, outside and some stayed in the university's grassy campus. Somewhere in the parking area, friends were meeting. They had a day ahead.
"Amy!" Hannah waved over to Amethyst Dasugo. She ran over and Tim and Jake were also there.
"Let's go, Jake!" They planned a day of bonding, first at Jake's house. Then a movie at the mall, then a spree at the arcade.
"Of course we are!"
"Well, I can't argue with you!"
"Yeah, I'm too excited." They were looking for Jake's van, to start their planned summer together.


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